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Heath London Moisturiser - 100ml


Multi-Action All Purpose Facial Hydrator.

Moisturise your skin is key to keeping it looking bouncy, youthful and fresher. Water is the key ingredient for healthy skin, just look at a withered plant that is thirsty. It is the same for your skin and you can help lock in additional moisture to the skin using this beautifully crafted and easy-to-use Moisturiser by Heath London. The formula uses a patented mixture of Vitamin E, Tiare Flower Extract, Coconut Oil, Soliberine NAT and Hyaluronic Acid. Engineered to provide you with skin that is protected and drenched in water. By using this product on damp skin, you are ensure extra moisture is locked into the skin and it is important to be using this product after cleansing with Face Wash by Heath London. The solution uses Soliberine NAT (a Chinese mountain flower) for its potent Blue Light protective defences. The flower which is exposed to higher UV rays to us land dwellers, works by repelling the harsh effects of Blue Light. This provides us when used in its extracted form to protect against aging caused by this nasty light. The Hyaluronic Acid is an amazing element that is found in humans. For every 1 gram of Hyaluronic Acid, it will hold up to 1000ml of water which is why its used in so many skincare products across the board. Being it’s a natural element of the skin, it drenches your skin with so much hydration. This lightweight moisturiser is fast acting and leaves your skin feeling smooth and protected. The Vitamin E and Coconut oil are powerful protectors of moisture loss from the skins surface and aid in forming a barrier to negate water loss. The exotic and pink coloured Tiare Flower is used for its skin healing and moisturising abilities. This patented formula will become your go-to product to leave your skin hydrated, nourished, softer and fresher.

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Heath London Moisturiser - 100ml


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
great for day and night!

It may seem a little on the pricey side lads, but well worth it in the short time I have been using it my skin noticebly different you dont need a lot and it does last and the biggest selling point its non greasy... a great night or day cream.

feels nice...

Feels nice, non greasy, goes a long way. Personally I'm very thankful it has no SPF in it - anything which has SPF irritates my eyes, and this is one of the few moisturisers of any sort which does not irritate my eyes. If I'm going to be out in the sun all day I use a separate facial SPF on those occasions. Everybody needs vitamin D and sunlight derived vit D is far superior to dietary vit D.

strong fragrance

I love the branding, packaging and what they are trying to achieve ... and the moisturiser itself felt good. However, it has a very strong fragrance and generally products with such a strong fragrance are bad for more sensitive skin . It didn't affect my skin badly as mine is not sensitive, but beware if you do suffer with skin problems.